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About This Project

The Introduction of Apparel Market in Nanyou Industrial Zone in Shenzhen


Shenzhen is known as the fashion design city in China, which is also a frontier city of special economic zone. The Middle and High-end standard clothing and apparel industries of whole country are all accumulated in Shenzhen, and most of professional industries of clothing and apparel are gathered at Nanshan Nanyou industrial zone.




Nanyou Industrial Zone is the market of the fashion clothing styles and wholesale-oriented in five years ago. One of biggest wholesale channel for fashion industry . The fashion designers were only signed in design department of clothing brand companies before. However, due to the market changes of business model and apparel branding in China, most of designers started their own business or studios. They are cooperated with their previous employers. The wholesale market gradually changed from being a plagiarism international famous brand to an original design developed independently. Therefore, designers have their own opportunities and sales markets. We are aim to promote oversea designers in china market as well !




Nanyou Industrial Zone is the channel for an original designer who mainly sells their own products. According to statistics data, Nanyou Apparel Industrial Zone covers about 150,000 square meters with more than 20 buildings. Each building is with 5 floors. There are around 4000 merchants. Around 10 buildings are main sales entrance building. The monthly sales amount are about 6 billion, around 75 billion per year.


If you want to know the acceptance of your products in China market, Nanyou Industrial Zone is the best choice.


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