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Amount of users in Wicro-Blog (Wei-Bo) Increasing

Monthly active users of Micro-Blog reached 446 million in China, a net increase of 70 million.

On November 28th, Micro-blog released the financial statement of third quarter in 2018. As of September 30, Micro-blog’s monthly active users reached 446 million, maintaining a net year-on-year growth of 70 million, and daily active users increased to 195 million. In the third quarter, the commercialization of Micro-blog steadily advanced, with revenues of 3.139 billion, a year-on-year increase of 48%, exceeding market expectations. Among of them, advertising revenue reached 2.792 billion, an increase of 52% on a year earlier. Cao Guowei, chairman and CEO of SINA, and chairman of Micro-blog, said that despite the impact of fierce competition in the industry and macro-adverse factors, SINA’s revenue and earnings have been healthily increased under the business of Micro-blog.




Preferred platform for hotspot events propagation and fermentation

Since from this year, Micro-blog has continued to strengthen the discovery and dissemination of hotspot events. In the third quarter, the size of the ring growth of Micro-blog hotspot event increased double through the upgrading the hot topic, the improving the hotspot content and sharing experience and other measures. Whether the hot events which were Liying Zhao announced the marriage or IG won, Micro-blog is the preferred platform for the dissemination hotspot events. It is the leading edge in the discovery, dissemination and discussion of hotspot events, and becomes the unique platform to acquire new users and enhance their active.




According to the financial statement data, the monthly active users of Micro-blog have increased to 446 million, achieving a net growth of 70 million year-on-year. According to statistics QuestMobile, “Micro-blog Social” is one of the few segment industries to maintain growth in terms of usage time.


To further enhance its lead on hotspot events, Micro-blog launched a new version of the client in the third quarter, which is testing for some users. The discovery page products of the new version have been optimized, added to the online topic recommended stream, personalized recommendations to users interesting topic, helping the users to participate the discussion. At the same time, the new version has more closely combined the hot search and the topic, allowing more hotspot events to be detonated on the popular search, discussed and precipitated in the topic, and effectively extending the user’s consumption cycle of content through the topic spread in the micro-blog whole scene.


Additionly, the new version of Micro-blog’s client resetted the video product, established a more convenient independent consumer entrance for high-quality serialized and IP-based video content. In the third quarter, the average daily broadcast volume and daily average release volume of Micro-blog short videos continue increased  double.


Becoming a standard platform for operating social asset

In the third quarter, Micro-blog continued to strengthen the content ecological construction, it worked with more than 2,200 organizations together, the amount of reading and released from the value users achieved double growth year-on-year. User scale and duration of using growth highly according to the high-quality content, quality content promoted by the activly users, Micro-blog has achieved a positive cycle between content production and activity by consumption and user. It formed a stable network affection.

For the majority of content organizations and content producers, Micro-blog has become a standard platform for running social assets and enhancing public influence. This is a significant difference between Micro-blog and other platforms. This method attracted more content producers who are popular in other platforms to remain active on Micro-blog. On the Micro-blog platform, the influence of content producers on the original platform and the whole industry is further enhanced.

In the third quarter, Micro-blog invested more than 500 million advertising resources to support content organizations, and encouraged content producers to participate in Micro-blog’s advertising alliance program. It helps user make commercial cash through their content production. Micro-blog plans to strengthen support and cooperation for content organizations, and accelerate the coordinated development of both parties.


A necessary platform for social marketing

In the third quarter, Micro-blog’s revenue reached 3.139 billion, and increased 48% year-on-year. The advertising revenue reached 2.792 billion, and the proportion of ads from the mobile terminal reached by  83%. With the recognition of marketing value, most customers were no longer using Micro-blog as a general marketing platform.  it becomes strategy cooperators on content, fans, KOL and so on. Hence,  Micro-blog brand advertising revenue increased by 78% in the third quarter.

From Koi of Alipay to the lottery of Wang Sicong, Micro-blog became the “hometown of Koi” in a short time, and various koi activities have emerged. It provided new ideas and methods for brand marketing and business interaction. Zhang Rui, the international principal of Alipay market of Ant Financial Services Group said: “The Alipay koi event originally prepared a set of combination punches, not only for the micro-blog draw, but also for the follow-up spread on oversea social platforms, but later we found that Micro-blog has become a social platform that is highly preferred by global merchants.”



In the just-concluded the Double 11 shopping carnival, the star active on Micro-blog are stealing the show powerful, the trading volume of 4 star stores on that day broke 100 million. One hour after the opening, the top 10 Taobao female clothing trades were seized by the stars, and the top 30 had 25 star stores. The e-commerce organization has deep cooperation with Micro-blog almost “covered” the top 30 star stores in Taobao female clothing trading volume, and the fans economy have been well verified and developed through Micro-blog.

International investment bank Morgan Stanley pointed out in the latest report that Micro-blog is still one of the most flexible social platforms and will continue to benefit from the development of social advertising in China.


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