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Import Expo: fully meeting the needs of people in China

The first International Import Expo in China, which was gathered thousands of merchants, was opened on November 5th at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center .The fair attracted more than 3,000 corporations from more than 130 countries and regions, and more than 5,000 exhibits firstly jointed into the Chinese market. With “the newest, the most popular and the highest quality” products won the attention of the public. Such a grand event will not only share the development opportunities in China with other countries, but also broaden channels to meet the needs of the people for the quality life.



At the Import Expo, wide variety products with the high technological innovation were existed. The first baby-specific NMR instrument in the world has attracted in the fair. Inside of the expo, people are overwhelmed by the latest home appliances, household products, the most fashionable and most popular clothing brands and designs, as well as the car companies that with  the “Internet of Things (IOT), creating a more convenient smart city life “. Outside of the expo, The large-scale purchasing trading group is also gearing up, which is composed of the OTC National Health and Health Commission and composed of 44 hospitals and 11 medical research institutions.



The scene was not only full of technical, but also a burst sense of technology. The variety of exhibits is all-encompassing. The product was up to nearly 200 tons of gantry milling, and small to heart pacemakers comparable to coins, such as the high-end Italian helicopters with a price of nearly 200 million Yuan, Simple products such as Mexican chili sauce, Philippine dried mango and so on. Whether it is a technological upgrade or rich products, it is ultimately to meet the needs of the people for their better life.



As Sun Chenghai, deputy director of the China International Import and Export Bureau, said, the China International Import Expo is an important means to promote consumption upgrades and become an important platform to meet the people’s growing needs for the better life.


According to data from the World Bank, between 2010 and 2016, the imports of consumer goods remained above 10% of total imports in China. This data fully reflect the strong demand of Chinese consumers for imported consumer goods. In 2017, the Engel coefficient of Chinese residents’ consumption has dropped to 29.3%. In addition to food expenditures, the proportion of material-type consumption, such as wearing, living, using, and traveling, has increased, and the potential for consumption upgrading is huge. The opening up of China is closely related to the global economic and trade environment, and it will share revenue and risks together.


At the juncture of unilateralism and protectionism, China has set up a bridge of communication for enterprises from all over the world, provide a platform for communication and negotiation between the international political and business circles, and promote a face-to-face meeting among the country, the people, and the enterprise with the government. This is a opening attitude and the sincerity of commitment from China to the world which is the”inspire new vitality in global trade and create a new pattern of openness and win together”.


To realize the transformation from a “big trade country” to a “trade power”, China must not only demonstrate the determination and confidence of opening up to the world in the new era, but also take practical actions to support economic globalization and trade liberalization. The International Import Expo will undoubtedly present more confidence to the world.


Openness itself shows the attitude of economic exchange and cooperation. This year is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up in China, and it is also the starting point for the new era to promote a new pattern of comprehensive opening up. The successful holding of the International Import Expo in China will sustain the peaceful and common prosperity for the world.

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