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The interesting Chinese fashion industry likes a siege: People in the city want to walk out, people inside want to walk into…

Walk In

High-end down jacket brand Canada Goose officially settled into the Tmall


The high-end down jacket brand Canada Goose announced its officially entry into the Tmall on September 12.

As early as May of this year, the Canada Goose issued an announcement to establish a Greater China headquarters in Shanghai. It will open flagships in Beijing TaiKoo Li Sanlitun and Hong Kong IFC at this fall with ImagineX Group which is a well-known brand agent in Greater China. At the same time, its E-commerce business in the Chinese market will be launched through the Tmall platform from the Alibaba platform. Today, the Canadian Goose has officially launched on Tmall, and it will not far from the opening of the physical flagship stores.


It is reported that Canada Goose will sell a variety of products in the Tmall. It includes the most representative brand of down jacket, as well as the latest 2018 autumn and winter series, and knitwear series and accessories series.


Hermes will enter the online market in China

Hermès, who has tried limited-time experience store several times in the WeChat, will release a Chinese version of the online shopping service on October 17. In addition to being displayed in Chinese, the website will be designed to refer to the recently improved website platform in the United States and the European Region. The director of the website can also freely choose the products that can be offered like the store managers around the world.


According to its chief executive, Axel Dumas, although Chinese consumers are still unable to purchase the brand’s signature Birkin or Kelly handbags on the website, the brand will sell all stock products with inventory online.

According to the Brand’s recent Second-quarter earnings report, Hermès’ sales in the second quarter increased by 7.2% year-on-year to 1.46 billion euros in the three months ended June 30. The brand increased by 11.6 per cent at a fixed interest rate.


Talking about the Chinese market, Dumas also said that while Hermès’ current initial plan is to focus on establishing a new website in China and introducing customer traffic to the website, the company will probably establish a partnership with the “Luxury Pavilion”of Alibaba or “Toplife” of Jingdong at a later stage.

“China’s online market is quite mature, but the cooperation may not happen immediately.” Dumas revealed. In his view, even if Hermès does need to rapidly expand its online business in China, the brand is still more likely to have its own control over e-commerce strategies including product display and price control. “Cooperation must be carefully negotiated, because we will be a bit strict in terms of display and price. So at the beginning we will focus on our own website. It may take longer and burden more risks, but in the long run, this will be an effective strategy.” Dumas added.

At the same time, he also pointed out that there is offering a lot of different ways of cooperation on China’s online platform. So it is also possible to cooperate with it while maintaining brand control.


Walk Out 

“Fashion Shenzhen” will soon show again at Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week in spring and summer of 2019 will be held from September 18th to 24th in Milan of Italy. From the invitation of Milan Fashion Week organizers, the FASHION SHENZHEN series organized by the Shenzhen Garment Industry Association will be unveiled for the third time in Milan Fashion Week and will present a stylish and vibrant city image to the world. It will be supported by the Shenzhen Economic and Trade and Information Commission.


The “Fashion Shenzhen” will re-emerged with the largest lineup than before. More than 20 Shenzhen fashion brands and designers, who are fashion brands and cutting-edge designers with a certain reputation and influence in the Chinese and Asian markets, will be presented. They are including Ellassay, Yinger, DengHao, Haipingxie, MASCOT, ZHIJIANSHA, MORELINE, DistinKidny, Kodice, Peaceofrice, CHLOSIO, Guyan, Vmajor, GRACE DENG, RXP, ALEXSTORM, Y-VISON, Esa Liang, ROSEW, Oriental secret and so on.


The event was located at the 300-year-old ancient building PALAZZO BOVARA in Milan. Ellassay and Yinger will jointly staged a joint show opened the “fashion Shenzhen” series of events on the afternoon of September 22nd in Milan. This will be the third time that the Ellassay appears at Milan Fashion Week. Yinger with its four brand series of YINER, INSUN, PSALTER and Song of Song will exist at the fashion show firstly. At the same time, more than 20 Shenzhen brands will also attend showcase with the oriental fashion charm. At the that day, Italian Fashion Association, Representative of the Italian Class Editori Media Group, and business elites from Italy, fashion media, senior fashion buyers, retail giants and fashion brand management agencies will be invited to attend.


Vipshop will bring its four brands to the 2019 Spring and Summer London Fashion Week

2019 Spring and Summer London Fashion Week has been officially launched. As a partner of the British Fashion Council, Vipshop will bring the Kisscat which is the footwear brand, the Mukzin, Louis Yao and A Life On The Left which are the clothing brand, on the London Fashion Week for four shows.


Kisscat (Footwear brand)



The theme of the conference was “Chinese fashion expedition”. From the end of last year, the “Chinese fashion” became a popular word, and the traditional local brands have become increasingly popular with their design and modelling capabilities, as well as marketing methods that are closer to younger consumers. However, based on the context and cultural background of Western, it is not easy to explain clearly what is ”Chinese fashion” and Chinese cultural symbols. Referring to Korea’s K-POP, the Chinese fashion can be translated as C-POP, and the four brands that attended the London Fashion Week with Vipshop have selected their own perspectives and ways to interprete the C-POP.


A Life On The Left


Louis Yao

33 Chinese brands debut New York Fashion Week in September

From 5th to 15th of September, there were 33 Chinese brands unveiled except the TMall at the New York Fashion Week of 2019 Spring and Summer. 19 brands were attended the official schedule of New York Fashion Week.

The 19 Chinese brands (including the brands created by Chinese designers) who participated in the New York Fashion Week of Spring and Summer of 2019 are: INXX, Lan Yu, Vivienne Hu, TAORAY WANG, Claudia Li, F/FFFFFF, Ruby Fang, Chocheng. , JNBY, Particle Fever, Angle Chen, Yajun, Dan Liu, Bosideng, Semir x CJYAO, Calvin Luo, C+plus SERIES, Liu Yong, Naersiling.




Angle Chen




Semir x C.J.YAO

From September 9th – 11th, the Tmall Chinese fashion action combined with the world’s top trend buyer store Opening Ceremony to create the China Day “Tmall Chinese Fashion Brand Shop”. the purpose is to custom trend cross-border items for a series of brands with unique Chinese cultural genes .These brands with unique Chinese cultural genes include Kang Shifu Hanyang, Laoganma, Shuangmei, Summer Palace, Yunnan Baiyao, Onecup.




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