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Intelligent manufacturing: Zhejiang EMF intelligent manufacturing upgrade with the “Wisdom Wings”

What’s the situation? So many mobile hangers appear on the production line of the clothing companies?


After looking at the picture, are you in the same position as the editor? It is normal to have doubts! Because in Pinghu which is the famous for the garment production. There are not many companies with such high-tech and automated equipment on the production line! So today, the editor will see what it is with you!


The production lens in the picture appeared in the intelligent factory of Zhejiang EMF Cosplay Culture Industry Co., Ltd. Sewing workers sit face to face at the U-shaped production line, the workers “take” the clothes from the hangers, and then “put” them up after the completion of the process, and the clothes will automatically “slip” to the next worker.


As soon as they were taken, the workers followed the U-shaped production line and completed all the steps of the clothes production. This production line, called “Automatic Hanging Line “, is an important step for EMF company intelligent production, and it is also an important strategic deployment of EMF’s re-transformation and re-upgrading.


Compared with the traditional processing technology of garment production, the automatic hanging line can not only effectively avoid the situation, such as semi-finished stacking in the garment making process, and the handling between the processes. The more surprising is that the production line also has automatic memory function. The working status of any operation in the flow process is recorded on the chips of these hangers, including the process name, worker name, rework, production and work efficiency.


As the person in charge of the assembly line, you can use this “big data” on the automatic hanging line to master the work process of each worker in detail, the difficult process of each style, and the average work efficiency of each process, so to develop and form the best line of different styles of clothing production, workers layout.



In the production of clothing, inspection is the last process. With this automatic hanging line, once the imperfect clothes were found, the worker in charge of the inspection process can quickly lock the process leader by simply tapping on the operation screen, the clothes will be with this hanging assembly line “sliding back” to the corresponding process owner, and be made rework at the first time.


Because the unnecessary links are reduced, and the rings are linked together, the production efficiency of the automatic hanging assembly line couldnot compared with the traditional production line. For example, the embroidered tops produced currently, the same working time and the same process arrangement, the intelligent assembly line has just been launched for two weeks. Compared with the traditional production line, it can produce more than 100 pieces per day, and the work efficiency is improved 15%, and is expected to increase by 20%. The production efficiency is high, and the salaries paid by the workers will naturally rise. In this way, everyone’s work is more energetic.


At the same time, the sewing machine of the intelligent factory has been updated with the introduction of the automatic hanging line, which not only can automatically cut the thread, but also automatically inhale the thread and dust generated in the production process. The working environment of workers has improved a lot compared with before.


In order to build an intelligent factory, the EMF has invested more than 10 million Yuan to purchase automatic cutting machines and 5 automatic hanging lines. Next, U-shaped production line will be put into use one after another. In addition to the automatic hanging line, the entire intelligent clothing hanging system includes intelligent hanging of the back finishing process will follow up in April.


Seizing and promoting intelligent production, EMF is a vivid example of the continuous transformation and upgrading of traditional industries from “manufacturing” to “intellectual creation” in Pinghu economic development Zone.


While the company continues to grow inside and improve talent recruitment, Pinghu economic development Zone has also strengthen the traditional industry’s sense of urgency and crisis, eliminated backward production capacity, forcing the traditional industry improved and regulating the “plant in the factory”. In addition, Pinghu ecnomic development Zone completed the policy “support” work. At the end of last year, it issued the “Pinghu Economic and technological development zone to promote the innovation of industrial zone policy opinions”. It supported enterprises that was including traditional industries to increase effective investment, encourage substitution of machinery and so on, through policy incentives. It also creat the good policy environment for further industrial upgrading from traditional transformation through the policy.

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