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The consumption on retail and catering in whole China were reached 1.4 trillion Yuan within 7 days holiday for National Day in 2018, how much did you contribute?

In the just past holiday of National Day, the national consumer market maintained steady and rapid growth. Quality, personalization, and experiential consumption are leading the fashion, and the consumption upgrade momentum is not diminished. The constantly stimulated consumption potential is more prominent in supporting the economy in China.


726 million domestic trips and tourism revenue of 599.08 billion Yuan

According to the comprehensive calculation of China Tourism Academy, , the tourism market received a total of 726 million domestic tourists during the National Day, and the domestic tourism income was 599.08 billion Yuan. More than 90% of visitors participate in cultural events, with more than 40 per cent visitors to museums, galleries, libraries and science museums. Beijing, Shanxi, Henan, Zhejiang and Jiangsu have became popular destinations.


Smart Scenic Spots Implement Face-brushing and Unmanned Shops Fully Automated

This holiday, intelligent new technology, new business formats continue to emerge, allowing people to add a lot of interesting new experiences in shopping and journey.

In the Xixi Wetland Park of Hangzhou, consumers experience the smart future landscape with brushing face of the park. Every day, thousands of tourists are excused from queuing, picking up tickets, swiping ID cards, etc., and enjoy the carefree experience of“pure brush face”. In the scenic area, you can also open your phone and use the intelligent applet to guide .


Not only custmers can travel into the future scenic spot, but also to visit future stores. In Guangzhou, many people had new experience of the robot era in advance in the unattended robot shop. You Just click on the screen, the hot lunch and drinks will come out by themselves, after eating, click the cleaning button, the desktop will be automatically removed, the garbage can be dropped to the transport passage and cleaned by itself.


New trends in consumption upgrades and Quality home appliances sales were hot

During the National Day holiday, traditional consumption such as food,wearing and other traditional products has also been upgraded. According to the Ministry of Commerce monitoring, from October 1st  to 7th , the national retail and catering enterprises achieved sales of about 1.4 trillion yuan, and the average daily sales increased by 9.5 per cent compared with last year’s National Day Golden Week.

The consumers requests for efficiency and experience have led to more and more intelligent products entering into their shopping cart. Intelligent translation machines and aerial UAV have become the new darlings of people’s outbound travel, which has increased by 11 times (1107 per cent) and nearly 3 times (280 per cent) respectively; large appliances that improve the quality of the kitchen, such as dishwashers and embedded steamers, set a small sales peak; intelligent robots such as sweeping robots and children’s companion robots are selling hot.


The old honored Brand is favored. After 95 are eating more

Visiting relatives and friends, eating and drinking are reserved during the long holiday period. The consumption on food and drinking were increased by 47.1 per cent in the first 6 days of the holiday compare with the last year same holiday. In terms of total consumption, people in Beijing, Guangdong and Jiangsu are most keen on food, while food consumption in Guizhou and Shanxi has the fastest growth year-on-year.

In the first three days of National Day, the most popular dishes that were favored by the foodie were: Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and Hunan cuisine . The variety time-honored brand of catering is one of the winners of this year’s Golden Week. Young and middle-aged consumers such as the post-80s and post-90s contributed nearly 60% of consumption. After 95, they became the fastest-growing group of consumption. This year, they ate nearly 20% more than last year. .


The charge person of the Ministry of Commerce said that as the national economy continues to maintain a generally stable and smooth improvement trend, and a series of policies such as promoting consumption were accelerated implementation, it is expected that the steady development of the consumer market will continue, the role of economic growth is increasingly prominent.

A total of 13.579 million people went abroad for entry, setting a new height

In addition, according to the National Immigration Administration notified on the 7th, during the National Day this year, The national border inspection agencies examined a total of 13.576 million entry and exit personnel, compared with last year’s National Day, it grew by 9% year-on-year, creating a new height again. Among them, 6.638 million people entered into the country, an increase of 9.8% year-on-year; the number of exits were 6.94 million, an increase of 8.2%.

Countries and regions along the “The Belt and Road” are becoming more popular

In terms of outbound travel, Thailand, Japan, and Australia are still the most popular destinations for outbound travel. However, the travling volume in emerging destinations such as Mauritius, Morocco, Belgium, and Iceland is also increasing obviously. Countries and regions along the “The Belt and Road” have become more popular, and “unpopular countries” such as Croatia and Serbia have entered the long holiday list. The consumption scale of Cambodia, the Middle East and Russia increased by over 30% year-on-year.


From buy products to leisure and deep traveling


From the perspective of consumption, tourists are not only obsessed with buy products a lot, but also change to leisure traveling and obtain the deep experience. It is no longer popular that buy rice cookers and toilets abroad in Golden Week from outboard. Visitors are more willing to choose free travel or self-driving forms, punch the local network famous restaurants and play local attractions.

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