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2018CHIC (Autumn): Masterpiece can open a new era of manufacturing in China



This is an era of no longer impetuous. The demand for quality consumption, rational consumption, and individual consumption continues to be released, and it is beginning to re-examine the supply system of the whole industry chain for Chinese fashion industry.



This is an era of innovation. A new balance of demand and manufacturing with excellent resources such as well-made, innovative design, intelligent and efficient is been explored for the Chinese costume.



This is an era of accumulation and precipitation. Manufacturing has become the core of the entire garment industry in China. The “new manufacturing” incorporating with technology and culture has become the backbone of the Chinese garment industry, building the cornerstone and undertaking the future.


On September 27-29, 2018, International Apparel & Accessories Fair 2018 (autumn) in China will be opened with the accumulation and precipitation of creativity, culture and ingenuity. It will start with the intelligent manufacturing declaration of “Newmakers”. a change. A changes with quality, efficiency, and powers will be hit. At that time, ten professional category exhibition areas , such as fashion men’s wear, the most beautiful dress, cute children’s wear, ODM intelligent manufacturing, ingenuity leather, design strength, global fashion, fashion accessories, link the future, fashion bags, and CHIC- trend brand exhibition, will once again debut at the National Exhibition Center (Shanghai). it will aggregate new energies from intelligent manufacturing, creativity, culture, masterpiece and other multidimensions, and driving a new round of high-quality changes in the fashion industry.



“Return, Fine Masterpiece

Chinese customing is needed masterpiece and persistence to improve the lean manufacturing and quality. It will not be able to create excellent product function, quality and technology if it is lacking of pursuit to detail and contains.


In recent years, Chinese costuming companies have focused more on model innovation, design and development, channel optimization and other links. Most of them have also neglected the main part – fabrication. With the new normal, the developing of costuming industry is slowing down, developing the supply chain with fabrication as the core become the key consideration of Chinese clothing.



Today’s Chinese manufacturing is no longer a traditional manufacturing.

With the strategic transformation of “Made in China 2025”, the garment industry in China is leading in integrating information technology with all aspects of the industry. the garment manufacturing industry  are more intelligent and efficient when it is working with digitalization, networking, intelligence and service.



Based on this, CHIC2018 (autumn) will deeply demonstrate the masterpiece of the industry, presenting fine management, strict control of quality and improve the supply chain system and high-quality research and development capabilities. Their working hard and outstanding service will also present the masterpiece and special style in the Chinese costoming manufacturing.


“Change, technology empowerment”

Technology seems to accelerate the speed of “returning”. When continuous innovation is integrated into manufacturing, “new manufacturing” has also become the main focusing in the industry.



A new wave of technological innovations, such as information technology, intelligent manufacturing, new energy and new materials, is sweeping all the way. It is coming with unprecedented opportunities and challenges to the manufacturing upgrade of fashion industry in China. In CHIC2018 (Autumn), most of exhibition areas will be gathered with the highest quality manufacturing resources in the apparel industry. This will create a new balance of demand and manufacturing with sophisticated, innovative, high-quality, intelligent and efficient industrial chain resources.



At the same time, Internet information technology breaks down information barriers and asymmetries. It made the irrational premiums going into the end. Consumer demand has been continuously released at different levels, it also accelerates the coordinated development and innovation drive of the apparel industry chain, value chain, and innovation chain.



Therefore, the mixing of technology and industry has already promoted quality change, efficiency change, and power change. The intelligent manufacturing has blossomed in the apparel industry, and will present the fundamental starting point of technology customer-oriented.


“Foundation, Culture Discrimination”

costuming is the carrier of culture and the expression of wonderful fashion life. Chinese costuming manufacturing is moving towards a new creativity and culture.



CHIC2018 (Autumn) will convergence with  large number of fashionable products. It will guide to the personality, fashion, culture and creativity, experience the culture and spiritual, and explore the fashion culture attitudes, opinions and systems with a distinct oritation.



The high-quality development of the garment industry in China is not only the high-level of products, but also using the creative design ideas to dress up the life and boost cultural confidence. Actively building a fashion ecology based on cultural self-confidence, we must seek deeply into the traditional cultural elements in the field of textile and clothing, and integrate excellent cultural resources on a global scale. Therefore, CHIC will assemble a number of connotative brands and activities.



Additionally, CHIC2018 (Autumn) will start from integrating terminal channels, find out the fashion trends, collect the high quality resources together to create high-quality industrial chains and cross-border resources for the future of the garment industry.


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