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Trend | Company must Know! 2018 China Fashion Consumption Trend Report

Changes in Chinese fashion consumption

More and more consumers are beginning to seek consumption in the field of Cross-border, and two groups drive this consumption trend. One is the crowd of refined. With the rise of the new middle class, strong purchasing power makes them as the main force in the consumer market, and they are pursuit the quality life. The second is the younger crowd, with the post-90s as the main body, they have a diversified understanding of fashion.


There are four changes in fashion consumption in China. First, as the demand for better life of consumers increases, the fashion industry has changed to multiple cross-border from the simplification. Secondly, fashion was just a symbol before, people characterize their own class from it. People tend to decorate themselves with luxury goods, and now this trend has changed. Thirdly, pursuing individual consumption instead of convergence consumption. Currently consumers are increasingly pursuing self and innovation. The fourth changing is that consumers have changed to the spiritual consumption from the material consumption. Currently many brands attract consumers through original design or brand stories.



The current fashion consumption needs a new definition, that is, cross-border and diversified. The innovation and cross-border of the fashion industry drive the development of fashion consumption, and today the fashion is becoming more diverse for the consumers in China.


According to this consumption background, the 2018 China Fashion Consumer Trends Red Book has been researched and summarized eight important consumer trends in the Chinese fashion industry.


Trend 1: Fashionable of ordinary items

Under the consumption upgrade, every Chinese consumer has the ultimate pursuit for the details of life, and they all hope the quality products. Fashion is no longer just a synonym for luxury and high-end. It is a life attitude, a lifestyle, and the emergence of colorful fashion is the main feature of Chinese fashion today. People are pursuing fashion for many small products in life, such as a mobile phone case, a charging treasure, a accessories, etc. They become the signs of fashion.



For example, in the last year, the fierce cultural creativity in the Forbidden City, –Tape containing paper, the rich historical background and the addition of the Forbidden City elements were welcomed by many consumers, and there were amazing sales. Many consumers used tape to wrap up famous brand perfume, the appearance value and fashion sense of the perfume suddenly increased. For consumers, they tend to turn fashion into a daily life. it is no longer the era of “buy an umbrella simply”. For example, the British Museum has cooperated with Paradise Umbrella company to create a new product design with the elements of the musemum collections and license its IP. this incorporation integrate world civilization into the daily life through the path with modern design and fashion.


Trend 2: Chinese Style Blooms

As influence of China in the international market improves, the influence of products with Chinese design sense is also increasing. The Chinese style is on the global fashion stage with a new stance. The survey shows that 52.3% of consumers are increasingly preferring Chinese style design. Many brands have applied Chinese elements across borders. For example, the French fashion brand L’Oreal and the National Museum of China jointly launched the lipsticks of the four ancient Chinese styles such as Yang Guifei, Wang Zhaojun and Xi Shi, which are deeply loved by consumers.



Additionly, China’s traditional crafts also showed a fashion trendency, and ethnic handicrafts such as Su embroidery, Qiang embroidery, Miao embroidery, and Yi embroidery are blending with clothing and cultural creation to become a source of new fashion elements. For example, in the hot TV series Because I Meet You, Su embroidery is used as an important prop, and it has successfully entered the stage of fashion. In the future, the extraction, excavation, and designer products of traditional Chinese handicrafts will become an important fashion force.


Trend 3: Sustainable Fashion

With more attention on innovative fashion lifestyles, consumers’ recognition of green consumption and environmental protection consumption is also increasing. Environmental protection is also appearing into the fashion, such as re-focusing on nature, the rethinking of the relationship between human and nature, the practice of reducing pollution and recycling, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles and so on. The products will be reshape fashion design and marketing concepts from all aspects.



For example, Stella McCartney and Adidas cooperative launch the ultra Boost X Parley Sneaker. Its raw materials – plastic polyester fibers are all made from marine trash and reached an amazing sales which were more than one million pairs in one year. Levis used the laser to make various wear effects on the jeans to reduce the pollution of the production process caused by the addition of chemicals. Environmentalism advocates the creation of “sustainable fashion”, which is a slow fashion, including many fast fashion brands have begun to advocate environmental public welfare actions in order to communicate with consumers at the “responsibility” level.


Trend 4: Youngers love Fashion Style

According to the Red Book, one-third of consumers prefer original designer brands, and the 18-28 age group are the main consumers of Fashion style. This leads many designer brands and fashion brands focusing on the stage of young fashion. For example, some of the elements of the the recently popular Rfactory products have been sought after the young people. Many shopping centers have launched collection stores of original designer products. For example, the “Yue Color” launched by Chaoyang Joy Shopping Mall has gethered many original designer brands and became popular and famous from  young consumers.


Trend 5: Cross-dimensional Fashion

The “Holy Land” B station in the heart of the second-generation crowd was recently listed on the NASDAQ in the United States, which means that the Dimension Culture is no longer exclusive to a group of young people, but gradually infiltrates from a niche culture into a more diversified group, the dimension even went from the virtual world to the real world. According to the report of Red Book, one-third of fashion consumers call themselves a secondary group, 50% prefer anime-themed stores, 39% like the animation IP of product image.



The fashion elements has deeply implanted into the contents of dimensional when the cross-dimension exist. For example, The hot Japanese anime movie Your Name in last year was embedded in a secondary element advertisement, and all the materials which was used in the cartoon characters were real. In the another movie which was full-time master, the master Tang Rou had very fashionable equipment and clothes. the tendences of cross-dimensional was shown the unbounded fashion again.


Trend 6: Light Luxury Penetration

In recent years, the light luxury industry has opened up a new market for the luxury goods industry, a balance point appears between price and quality. Fashion products which can be purchased is becoming popular. In the past year, Light luxury consumption accounts for 36% of China’s overall luxury goods, historical growth rate exceeds heavy luxury consumption. In the long run, the light luxury market in China has great potential for development. It is expected that sales growth of light luxury products will reach 11%-13% in the next five years, and will increase to 620 billion yuan in 2025. For example, the Italian light luxury brand Furla has entered the 500 million euro club, it is benefit from its high value of money, and successfully won the favor of Chinese consumers. Light luxury has become a more life-oriented mash up. People can feel the fashion anytime, anywhere, but also very comfortable and special.




Trend 7: Big V (Big Social Media Influencers) influence

There are many slash youths now, and their wide interest has created a lot of vertical content in the internet. The internet star economy has evolved further into the Big V economy. Big V is more professional and Intrinsic value in the vertical field, and can be enjoyed by people for a long time. Therefore, the vertical field represented by them causing a passionate pursuit of fashion money flow. Big V is more like a fashion performer. while Da V is focused on researching fashion and has a professional domain knowledge. Therefore, the V in the vertical field will become an important node in marketing communication.




Trend 8: Intelligent Empowerment

The Red Book shows that technology is a fashion for many consumers, 38.7% of people want AI (artificial intelligence) help them more fashionable. Now many fashion products are combined with AI to add their value. For example, Under Armour AI running shoes that read 20,000 data per second. Foreo’s popular product Luna series of cleansing brushes can promote cell regeneration while massaging the skin. The data shows that up to 75% of fashion retailers are ready to invest in AI in 2018 or 2019. Another e
xample is the combination of black technology and luggage, a black technology-followed luggage that automatically moves with the owner. These new technologies are able to intelligently solve some of the problems in life and create new opportunities for new fashion products.



Fashion is the innovative element for the all industries. Brands can be created vitality through fashion. New exquisiteness is the direction of innovation and upgrading of the fashion industry. Cross-border products with the fashion industry can capture more consumer scenes. For the current fashion brands, it is more important to create a culture element, represents a new lifestyle and symbols. In the future, brands should grasp the trend of fashion consumption in a timely manner, changed from “filling fashion demand” to “leading fashion consumption”.


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